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Learning happens best when students are fully immersed in the learning process and can investigate and interact in their environment.
  • Create hands-on experiences that engage teachers and students
  • Help students build their critical thinking skills and scientific literacy
  • Challenge teachers and students to develop personal and meaningful connections to the land
  • Transfer best teaching practices through cooperative teaching exchange
  • Immerse participants in the biodiversity and beauty of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
For students

  • Heightened interest in learning
  • Greater willingness to act as stewards of the environment
  • Better understanding of science and the natural world

For Teachers

  • Closer relationship with students and teaching team
  • Professional development
  • Renewed love of teaching
  • Meaningful, real-world context for students to meet classroom standards
Cooperative teaching is a team-teaching approach that provides opportunities to connect subjects and standards from the classroom to hands-on lessons at Tremont. When teachers team up with Tremont faculty to practice experiential education techniques, they gain confidence and are more likely to transfer those skills back to the classroom.

In fact research shows that, the more teachers actively participate in their trips, the greater the learning impact is on the students throughout the year.

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tent-5Tremont Institute is situated about four miles from the Townsend, TN entrance of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is surrounded by miles of trails, a rushing river, and a half million acres of mountains and forests.

We can house up to 135 people onsite and have a full kitchen staff serving three hot meals a day. Living and learning inside a national park certainly has its rewards. Feel your worries melt away as you cross the bridge over the Middle Prong to this quiet place tucked into the mountains. Step out of bed each morning and walk outdoors to a breathtaking view of Fodderstack Mountain —a perfect way to begin a day in the national park!

Information about our curriculum and lessons and what we can do.

Review Co-Teaching Materials
Professional, enthusiastic faculty trained to help you make the most of your trip and provide you with skills to take back home to the classroom.

Teacher Feature: Jennie McGuigan

Jennie was born in Jacksonville, FL and spent most of her childhood mucking about the North Florida/South Georgia marshlands and waterways. In 1999, she received a BS in Recreation Management with a concentration in Outdoor Experiential Education from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. After that she spent 3 years, gaining experience working on educational farms, teaching at nature centers and leading backcountry travel expeditions throughout the US including being a Teacher/Naturalist at Tremont (2000-2001). Later, she attended Western Washington University, and graduated in 2004 with a Masters of Education in Natural Science/Science Education with a certificate in Non-Profit Administration and Leadership.

Impact of a Tremont Experience

– Research and Evaluations
– Testimonials from kids and teachers