Lessons from “My Celia” to You

Written by Anne Krichten, 2019 citizen science educator Picture a stump rolled over along a forested trail and an inquisitive 6-year-old pointing at the ground below. A web of white clumps and sinews extend all the way through the indented ground, almost like they were connecting to the stump when it was there. The young [...]

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The Middle Prong

Written by Lindsey Kessler, 2019 citizen science summer intern One of the best parts of Tremont in the summer is THE RIVER!!! In such hot weather, nothing feels better than a dip in the icy water. As that fresh mountain water rushes over your body, you can’t help but feel completely refreshed and renewed—especially after [...]

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Summer as a Tremonster

Written by Anna Cameron, 2019 citizen science summer intern Tremont was a whirlwind of awesome this summer, as I’m sure it is every year. It began with two weeks of summer staff training where we got to know each other by voicing our expectations and anxieties for the summer, and what we need from others [...]

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