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This Memorial Day weekend, May 22-24, we invite you, wherever you are across the country, to join Tremont Institute for 2 days of family-friendly challenges that will bring the fun and excitement of exploring the great outdoors into your home. We are thrilled to introduce Tremont’s inaugural virtual event, The Great American Camp-In! We know that for most, travel, camping and outdoor adventure are still not possible, so we’ve created an event that will bring the adventure home to you and the people you’ve been staying safe with. Teams will earn points as they participate in our activity challenges designed to spark creativity and connectedness.

The experience will begin Monday, May 18, when the first set of 30 mini-challenges are released to registered teams. These questions will take you to some interesting places on the internet to explore nature and our national parks. At 12:00pm on Friday, May 22, the Camp-In experience will go live with the release of a wide range of activity challenges. Your team will have 48 hours to complete the challenges that are most interesting and exciting for you. The experience will culminate in the early evening of Sunday, May 24 with an interactive live stream campfire celebration that will feature Tremont Institute staff and special guests performing songs, stories, skits, and revealing the top-performing Camp-In teams, as well as their prizes!


  • Teams may register through May 21 at 11:59pm.
    • Registration is free with an optional donation amount ($50/team suggested or set your own donation amount to support Tremont Institute, a non-profit organization)
    • Teams are intended to be made up of the people you are staying safe with during the pandemic – family, roommates, etc. There will be activities appropriate for all ages, from toddlers on up! Teams can have a maximum of 9 members, in accordance with current health guidelines.
    • A primary team contact will be established by providing an email address. That address will receive updates leading up to the even, access to challenges, submission information for completed challenge documentation, and access to the live stream campfire.

Challenge Components

  • Let’s have some fun! Each team will need to come up with their own Team Name and flag – you can get started now, if you like! Themes and costumes are encouraged!
  • Online scavenger hunt
    • 30 mini-challenges that will invite your team to virtually explore nature and national parks will be released at 12:00pm on Monday, May 18. You can spend the next few days exploring the content and building up some points for your team.
    • Submission instructions for answers to the scavenger hunt challenges will be provided to your inbox)

  • Memorial Weekend Camp-In Challenge (May 22-24)

    • Participating teams will spend the holiday weekend “camping in” from home or wherever is safe and appropriate for your team, and will receive team challenges promoting active indoor and outdoor recreation, exploration, and learning with one another in the backyard, courtyard and/or nearby green space or park. The challenges will adhere to social distancing practices while also encouraging you to explore outside and nearby parks as you are able.
    • A list of available challenges and point values will be emailed to team leaders at 12:00pm on Friday, May 22.
    • Teams will be able to work on completing and documenting challenges from 12:00pm on Friday, May 22, to 2:00pm on Sunday, May 24. At that time, all documentation of challenges completed must be submitted for review and scoring.
    • Challenges have a variety of flavors – from pattern scavenger hunts, to bubble parties, to developing a new family S’more flavor, to hiking, to shelter building, sidewalk chalk nature art/map making, nature bracelets with masking tape, skits, etc. The goal is for challenges to be family-friendly, and to provide something for everyone, and families have plenty to choose from in deciding how to spend their weekend and accumulate points.
    • Pop-Up Challenges can be unlocked over the course of the weekend by tuning in live to Tremont social media or through your email inboxes. These challenges will be worth 2x the points!

Questions? Please send all questions to [email protected]

Let the fun begin!
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