Colleges and Universities

We have a long history at Tremont of hosting colleges and universities. We work closely with faculty to customize programs and tailor curriculum to support the needs of students in their particular field of study and according to particular academic requirements. Schools spend a week, on average, living and learning with us inside the national park, including those associated with the Natural Resources College Consortium and the Outdoor Recreation Consortium, which in 2016 celebrated its 40th year. Individual schools come as well, many of which form long-standing relationships with us.

Choose a Program

Visitors stay 3-10 days with us using the park as their classroom, and we work closely with faculty to customize programs, tailor experiences, and meet academic requirements in various fields of study.

Field Studies
Educator Workshops
Naturalist Certification
Citizen Science Projects

Research Opportunities

Research takes place through our nationally recognized Citizen Science program, as well through partnerships with universities around the nation. Research projects may be developed that are directly related to park management and real-world conservation decision-making by stakeholders.

Biology & Conservation

– climate
– phenology
– species monitoring
– and more.


– K-12 teacher training
– qualitative assessment
– experiential learning models
– and more.

Careers in Education

We are educators, professionals, and thought leaders aiming to make a positive impact on education in the region and world through our overnight programs inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

As one of the premiere experiential education centers in the country, we pride ourselves on our ability to train young teaching professionals through summer jobs and internships.

Watch our jobs page for openings and internship opportunities.