Dear fellow Tremonsters,

The past week in the Smokies has treated us to the early signs of Spring, full of warm days, bird songs, and the first flowers and buds making an appearance. Spring is always a time of change and growth and I am writing to share with you a personal change of my own. I am leaving as President & CEO of Tremont Institute in May. I am not taking another job, but rather I am taking an extended period away from work life to focus on my aging family. Knoxville will remain my home base, but I will not work full-time. This has been a difficult decision because I realize it impacts the Tremont family and the community, but I am confident it is the right decision. I have always told folks that your work and the change we make in the world is important, but it should not be more important than your family; your loved ones come first, so take time for them. Now is my turn to embrace this belief.

It has been a great honor to lead Tremont Institute these past four years and I cannot thank you enough for all the opportunities you have generously bestowed upon me during this time. It has been my privilege to work with an exceptionally dedicated and skilled group of people who have made Tremont a stronger and more impactful organization on all accounts, from education experiences that truly change lives, to rich partnerships that make us all stronger, and a sustainable organization in great financial health. These are the achievements of a committed team of gifted and tenacious individuals, partners, and stakeholders who work together to make the world a better place through connecting people and nature. Tremont Institute has a bright future and will continue to do wonderful things for people and our planet!

I will always be grateful to the Board of Directors, the staff, and the community for their passion, commitment and support of myself and Tremont. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for inspiring me.