Catey Terry, President & CEO

Maybe you heard. At Great Smoky Mountain Institute at Tremont, we have completed our hire of a new President/CEO—Catey Terry. In fact she came to our board meeting last week and will be on the job officially September 4. We’re super excited about that.

Now on to our next great hire.

We are looking for the best development person out there to come head up our fund-raising efforts and be a part of our awesome senior management team. We’re talking high energy. Creative. Bold. Doggedly Determined. A successful track record of raising money, helping with events and moving and shaking in the right places.

Here’s the thing. Everybody knows development work can be hard, challenging and, hey, some days a little boring. I know because long ago in a former life, I did it. But that’s another story. At Tremont, there’s nothing boring about it. And how hard can it be to ask people to support getting kids out the woods and teaching them about nature and watching them learn from their experiences. That’s not a challenge. That’s a reward. 

Oh, and your commute is something special.  Three miles through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park alongside a beautiful rushing stream, arriving at an office surrounded by big trees, majestic mountains and a team of really good people.

I am thinking this opportunity won’t last long.  If you are the right one, you should apply as soon as you can.  If you hurry, you could get started the same time as Catey.

Click here to learn more about the position and to apply.


Author: Hank Dye, Tremont Board of Directors