Lead Teacher Checklist and Timeline

Download a printable checklist

Begin Planning Well in Advance!

Four Months Before Trip

  • Chaperones – Begin the selection process. Tremont recommends a 1:8 adult/student ratio including teachers.

Three Months Before Trip

  • Schedule request form – Send it in and work with Tremont staff to develop your schedule.
  • Finalize student and adult numbers – Update Tremont with current numbers 90 days prior to trip. The group is responsible for a minimum payment of 90% of your 90 day number when they attend. Inform Tremont of any changes after that point. Please read and fully understand the cancellation policy.
  • Transportation – Make arrangements, including trips away from Tremont, and verify pickup times. You must have an emergency vehicle on campus for the duration of your stay (this may be your bus).

Six Weeks Before Trip

One Month Before Trip

Two Weeks Before Trip

  • Registration form – Collect from parents and make copies to leave at Tremont.
  • Discount bulk order – Submit bulk order to Tremont. All payments should be made to the school.
  • Students – Arrange teaching groups and table groups.
  • Table Captains – Assign one student from each table and one adult to help with each meal.
  • Packing list – Go over with students, emphasizing appropriate clothing and gear for being outside. Plan for cold, wet weather.
  • Call us anytime if you have any questions: (865) 448-6709 or send an email to: [email protected].