This week is the launch of Weekly Wonder! We are so excited to start this journey with you all! Join us for a quest—to go outside, explore, and find something we’ve never seen before.

Behind the Video: Academic & Social Content

Remote Exploration Resources and Follow-Ups

  • Explore an Alaskan River – If you can’t make it outside this week, use the webcams of Katmai National Park to explore instead! All along this river are cameras capturing imagery of bears, waterfalls, salmon, birds, and scenery— a rich place to explore, even virtually!
  • Experimental studies have shown that even exposure to electronic simulations of nature can have beneficial health outcomes. Don’t stress if all you can manage is a virtual exploration.
  • Extended Video Workshop on Curiosity – John Muir Laws is a fantastic nature educator and artist who has influenced our teaching profoundly. Here is a free video workshop in which he takes a deep dive into the power of curiosity as an engine that drives lasting, memorable experiences outdoors.

About Weekly Wonder

Join us for a different kind of outdoor experience from wherever you are! Practice paying attention with purpose to the world around you, make discoveries, and share wonder and joy with others. To participate, all you need is a pencil, paper, and a willingness to be curious. Learn more and sign up!