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#SmokiesCOOL (Creative Opportunities in Outdoor Learning) is an initiative of Tremont Institute, a non-profit, residential learning and adventure center in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. #SmokiesCOOL offers visiting students the opportunity to study, in-depth, a topic that is connected to grade-level learning standards and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Students are then given the creative freedom to create a high-quality, educational music video that tells the story of their selected topic. #SmokiesCOOL empowers students, allowing them to take charge and create a useful and impactful resource out of their learning accomplishments. Completed videos are made freely available for educational use by students, teachers and the general public across the world!

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Inquiries regarding SmokiesCOOL can be directed to – Inquiries regarding the Smokies to Schoolyards Connection Initiative can be directed to or (865) 448-6708.