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Over 50 Years of Connecting People and Nature

While we celebrate the past, it’s the future we really have our sights on. Beyond our 50th year, we now find ourselves asking new questions.

What should experiential education look like in the 21st century—not just here in Walker Valley but in every school? Learn more.

Local. Personal. Relevant.

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Spend 3-10 days living and learning in one of the most ecologically diverse parks in the world – Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Opportunities available year-round for youth and adults.

Discover Our Passion

Explore the impacts of experiential education and learn more about our educational philosophy. Stay connected through news and by joining our online community.

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Known for hospitality and professionalism. Meet the faculty, staff, partners and community members that make the Tremont experience possible. Find your place in the Tremont family.

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School & College Programs

Brain-based learning through experience.


Educator Workshops

Step outside and try a new kind of professional development.



Donate to support education. Read through our newsletters to see what’s happening at Tremont.


Adults & Families

Photography workshops, naturalist classes, hiking weeks and more.


Overnight experiences for ages 4-17. Nature exploration, backpacking adventures, field science camps.


Community Science & Research

Contribute to scientific research conducted within the national park.

What Others Are Saying

I usually don’t like overnight trips or leaving my house to begin with. “I’m very much a homebody and I really wasn’t expecting to like the trip…In fact I’m not even into science. But let me tell you that was the best trip I have gone on in a while…And our teacher from Tremont was amazing she made me want to become a science major just to work there.

Kelby - High School Junior

The quality of your staff far exceeds any other similar experience I have had.
They made the entire trip and experience completely worth while.

It will benefit our students to have had opportunities to design investigations (Stream Physics, Salamanders).

Amy - Teacher