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Join us for a different kind of outdoor experience from wherever you are! Practice paying attention with purpose to the world around you, make discoveries, and share wonder and joy with others. To participate, all you need is a pencil, paper, and a willingness to be curious.


Weekly Wonder is a virtual program designed to be accessible for learners of all ages—whether from the park or the parking lot. No expensive gear, no need to travel to distant wild places, and no specialized skills or experience necessary! We just need you and your willingness to be curious, to pay attention to the world around you, and to share wonder and joy with others.


Explore the videos below for weekly explorations and challenges—we suggest watching the videos one week at a time! Take time throughout the week to embrace curiosity as you go outdoors and explore local places with fresh, inquisitive eyes.

We hope you find value in these videos as they are designed to help access the many benefits of time spent in the outdoors. In these stressful times, it is important we make time to experience something new and to share that joy with others!

Please note: Weekly Wonder videos were created in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Videos reference livestreams that occurred during the program—you can find many recorded livestreams on our Facebook page.

Ok, explaining Weekly Wonder is good, but seeing it in action is better…


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