Tremont loves its volunteers and would not be able to accomplish its goals without their dedicated help. We recruit volunteers who appreciate the wonders of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and stand behind our mission to connect people with nature.

COVID-19 Volunteer Update

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Tremont. To minimize risk for staff and students, we are limiting volunteer opportunities during the pandemic. At this time, we are not accepting applications for new volunteers, but we encourage you to sign up for our volunteer newsletter so you will be notified when the opportunity arises.

As a volunteer you are regarded as a valuable resource to Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, as well as for our staff. Experienced and knowledgeable volunteers are essential in allowing us to move forward in our mission to connect people with nature.

We extend these rights to our volunteers:

  • To have proper orientation, training, and supervisions to meet the responsibilities of the position.
  • To refuse any task that you feel is beyond your physical limitations or with which you feel uncomfortable.
  • To receive feedback regarding your performance.
  • To contact the Volunteer Coordinator if any difficulties are experienced with any assignment.
  • To make suggestions regarding ways in which we might better accomplish our respective tasks.

Volunteers who accept the responsibility and challenge of our volunteer program are expected:

  • To abide by the policies and procedures of GSMIT.
  • To keep records and health forms up to date.
  • To record the number of hours worked.
  • To report accidents or injuries with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • To endeavor to be flexible in accepting assignments, perform assigned responsibilities willingly and courteously, to the best of their ability, and accept the guidance of their Tremont supervisor(s).
  • To provide timely notification in the event of absence or adjustment to schedule.
  • To serve as good will ambassador and communicator of the mission of GSMIT within the community.
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Future Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities may include: splitting firewood, raking leaves, mulching and spreading gravel, campus cleanup, weed eating/mowing, general housekeeping, and painting.

Opportunities may include: file organization, addressing and stuffing envelopes for mailing, assisting the store manager in bagging items and answering general patron questions, and database entry.

Opportunities may include: silent auction procurement, donor brochure distribution, thank you letters, addressing and stuffing envelopes, and compiling board member packets.

Opportunities may include: booth representation at community events, sharing Tremont’s story with the community, and distributing program flyers and catalogs in the community.

Opportunities may include: updating signage around campus, graphic design, and assisting with mailings.

Opportunities may include: photographing campus, programs, or special events.

Opportunities may include: picking out decor, event errands, set up and cleanup on the day of the event, compiling name tags, and general event organization.

Opportunities may include: bird banding, CO2 monitoring, monarch tagging facilitator, otterspotter, phenology, pond-breeding amphibian monitoring, salamander monitoring, Caterpillars Count!, snails, lichens, and iNaturalist.