Weather Monitoring

All school groups help us to monitor our weather here in Walker Valley. Each morning before breakfast, a small delegation of students meets at the weather station to collect data on variables such as temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, precipitation and river depth. They then get to report their findings to the rest of the students during breakfast, and they use those data to predict the day’s weather using our Wheel of Weather.

Create Your Own Weather Station

Weather wheel at Tremont

Wheel of Weather at Tremont Institute

Teachers, did you enjoy your visits to our weather station while your school was here at Tremont Institute? After experiencing the hands-on nature of our weather monitoring program and the excitement of predicting the weather for each day, many teachers ask us how they can establish a weather station of their own at school.

With minimal effort and cost, you can establish your own weather station. See the list of components below to get started, and feel free to download any of the resources we have made available.

At our Weather Station, we have:

To make predictions using a Wheel of Weather, download the following lists of codes from the Sager Weather Caster (now out of print).

Can’t make a weather wheel? No problem! You can also use this Sager Weathercaster Algorithm to calculate daily predictions using the same variables as the weather wheel.

Please let us know if you establish a weather station so we can celebrate with you and compare findings!