Booking Your Trip to Tremont


Prices include programs, meals, and lodging.  Prices vary depending on the size of your group, the time of year you attend, whether you opt in or opt out of cooperative teaching, financial aid and more. Give some thought to when your group would like to stay and how many people will join you. Then request a quote using the form button below or call us at (865) 448-6709.

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Tremont teaches year-round in all safe weather conditions. School groups can book days in the winter, spring and the fall. Dates from Memorial Day until the end of July are reserved for our summer camps and expeditions and are unavailable for booking. Call (865) 448-6709 for available dates.

At the start of each calendar year, Tremont notifies schools and posts a calendar and download link to the Program Application Form on our website. Groups that attended in December, January, or February of the current school year get first priority in scheduling for the next year. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Schools generally schedule trips by March for the following school year.


The contract is the most important form involved in scheduling a trip. Your group will not have a trip reserved until we receive this completed form and the accompanying deposit. The contract will be sent to you after you have contacted us with requested dates and group numbers for your desired visit. You may provide us with this information via phone call, e-mail or by sending us the Program Application Form mentioned above. The contract contains vital details about your group. It is very important that this information is complete. The contract also contains our terms of agreement and cancellation policy. Please read these carefully.


To make the most of your experience, we recommend that teachers attend an educator workshop prior to your trip. We offer several good options. Teacher Escape Weekend is planned specifically for teachers scheduled to bring students to Tremont. Other programs throughout the year provide leaders with skills and knowledge useful in a school group trip. Learning and feeling comfortable with trails, lessons, outdoor teaching methods, and facilities is easy and fun for teachers at our workshops. Participation in one of our Teacher Escape Weekends allows you to waive your fee when attending with your group. In addition, your entire group can attend at a reduced rate. If you cannot come to a program before your trip, contact us so we can arrange for you to visit Tremont and observe when another school group is here. There is no need to come to Tremont feeling uncertain of what is involved!


Groups are scheduled more than a year in advance. Thus, we adhere to the following billing practices:

  1. A group who cancels more than 60 days prior to their scheduled arrival date will lose its deposit or be billed 10% of their scheduled number of participants, whichever is higher.
  2. Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival date will be billed for 50% of their scheduled number of participants.
  3. Groups may submit a more accurate count up to 90 days prior to reserved dates. Thereafter, groups are responsible for a minimum payment of 90% of the number of participants indicated on the Reservation Confirmation Agreement or the most current number we have.
  4. The full cost will be invoiced during your stay at Tremont. Full payment is due within 30 days after your group’s arrival date.


Financial aid is available for students whose families are unable to fully fund their trip to Tremont. Thanks to funding from generous donors, we average more than $25,000 in financial aid given each school year. Teachers will need to complete a financial aid request form and submit it to Tremont for review. Once received, we will evaluate the total requested aid for your group and contact you on how much financial aid can be awarded.


Books, shirts, and other items are available for purchase in our gift store. We require students to be accompanied by an adult, and our gift shop can only accommodate up to 10 students at a time. We offer a group discount for items on the Bulk Order form. Please appoint one person to gather the orders and money, then submit that order to Tremont two weeks before your arrival. Checks should be made payable to your school and bulk order charges will be included on your school’s invoice. Discounts do not apply to your group once you arrive.


Please review our day and evening lessons and the sample schedule. Once you have made decisions on class selections, please send a completed schedule request form or contact us with your selections and any questions about particular lessons. Please feel free to contact us about any special class needs. Many of our classes are flexible to work within your curriculum. All classes are correlated to the curricula of Tennessee, North Carolina and many other states.