Without our loyal volunteers, Tremont would not be able to operate. While volunteer opportunities were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring and summer of 2020, we are grateful for those who were able to help, whether it was continuing to monitor a community science project or assisting with maintenance on our campus!


Volunteer hours supporting
Tremont Institute
January–July 2020

2020 Volunteers

Gail Amatangelo
Joe Amatangelo
Mark Armstrong
Brian Aylward
Kat Barrow
Grace Bobo
Cheryl Brodbeck
David Bryant
Stephen Cook
Jim Cunningham
Annabel Dattilo
Clare Dattilo
Fern Dattilo
Oliver Dattilo
Bailey DeLozier

Thomas Dittmaier
Andrew Dixson
Laura Dixson
Margaret Dye
Robin Goddard
Donna Higdon
Steve Higdon
Holly Hoyle
Will Kuhn
Patria Leath
Daniel Metcalf
Greg Metcalf
Hannah Metcalf
Karen Metcalf
Sarah Metcalf

Timothy Metcalf
Allison Pearson
Rodney Pearson
Lisa Peterson
Walt Peterson
Mac Post
Julie Pryor
Gar Secrist
Richard Secrist
Doug Sofer
Allen Sweetser
Libby Thetford
Terry Uselton
Ken Voorhis
Mark Weingartz