Connecting Experiences to Impacts

Tremont Institute actively works to develop holistic partnerships within local communities to strengthen youth education and educator preparedness. We believe that, together, our work will improve overall community health and wellbeing by increasing access to nature and empowering its members to explore their environment and their role within the environment.

Success will mean communities benefit from frequent, powerful education experiences outdoors that inspire a joy of learning. Alongside our cornerstone residential experiences in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tremont Institute trains educators in experiential education best practices so they confidently teach youth outdoors through active, engaging education throughout their academic career. This work is most successful when done through collaboration with community leaders, local nonprofits, parents, and businesses in order to inspire and build community commitment to environmental stewardship and experiential education. 

Tremont Institute envisions communities in which:

  • Youth regularly participate in formative and transformative experiential education experiences both inside and outside the classroom
  • Youth discover a personal connection to nature through an appreciation for learning and their sense of discovery
  • Parents share in their child’s appreciation for, and connection to, nature
  • Multigenerational environmental stewardship is prioritized for education and community health
  • Education practices cultivate curiosity, leadership, social skills, and academic motivation

We each have a part to play in achieving this vision of a stronger community. Join us.

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