Here is a list of ideas from veteran teachers who have successfully made class trips to Tremont in the past. If you have an idea that worked well for your school, please share so we can help everyone have a Tremont experience.

Ideas to generate support

  • Current Tremont students make a PowerPoint to show upcoming parents during a parent meeting a year ahead so students and parents get excited and raise funds
  • Best ambassador for Tremont is last year’s parent/chaperones
  • Pre-trip visit (local schools)
  • Parent meetings
  • Fundraising
    • Teams having a benefit game
    • Selling food
    • Hat day
    • 5K run
  • letter/article in local newspaper—Tremont will have a template
  • word-of-mouth
  • yearbook page
  • blog/Facebook/other social media/
  • use video on the Tremont curriculum DVD
  • invite administrators to spend a day/night during Tremont trip
    school TV
  • district-wide activity