Stories from the Valley: George Turner

Finding a Sense of Place in Walker Valley during Black History Month Written by David Reedy, community development specialist On a sunny Tennessee winter day, Tremont Institute faculty participated in an outing to learn more about our home in Walker Valley. Most visitors to Walker Valley enjoy the swiftly flowing river, the cascades tumbling [...]

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In Memoriam: Herb Coleman

Written by Jeremy Lloyd, manager of field programs & collegiate studies This past September I lost my friend and hiking companion Herb Coleman. Before his passing at age 90, he attended more hiking weeks at Tremont than almost anybody alive. Herb discovered us in the early 2000s through Road Scholar, an organization that offers [...]

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Lonsdale Elementary’s Fifth Grade Trip to Tremont

Written by Lisa Wojciechowicz. Photos by Kristi Parsons. On the first day, there was apprehension to hiking up Buckeye Trail, the path behind Tremont Institute’s activity center. Fifty-one students from Lonsdale Elementary’s fifth grade had just arrived, and this hike was the beginning of their first class. You could hear some grumbling from the [...]

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Fall 2019 Wrap-Up

Written by Logan Rosenberg, youth programs manager It was a scene of absolute and wonderful chaos. Everywhere I looked, children were engaged in something different. One was sketching a spiderweb in his journal, diligently tracing the domed shape of the cobweb. Another sat on the dirt, flipping through a field guide to ferns, being helped [...]

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Monarch Tagging 2019 Report

To my fellow monarch enthusiasts, With the help of over three hundred community science volunteers, led by our dedicated and knowledgeable team of monarch educators, Tremont’s 2019 monarch tagging community science program was a huge success. We tagged 694 monarchs as they journeyed south to spend the winter in the Sierra Madre Mountains in [...]

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Lessons from “My Celia” to You

Written by Anne Krichten, 2019 citizen science educator Picture a stump rolled over along a forested trail and an inquisitive 6-year-old pointing at the ground below. A web of white clumps and sinews extend all the way through the indented ground, almost like they were connecting to the stump when it was there. The young [...]

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The Middle Prong

Written by Lindsey Kessler, 2019 citizen science summer intern One of the best parts of Tremont in the summer is THE RIVER!!! In such hot weather, nothing feels better than a dip in the icy water. As that fresh mountain water rushes over your body, you can’t help but feel completely refreshed and renewed—especially after [...]

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Summer as a Tremonster

Written by Anna Cameron, 2019 citizen science summer intern Tremont was a whirlwind of awesome this summer, as I’m sure it is every year. It began with two weeks of summer staff training where we got to know each other by voicing our expectations and anxieties for the summer, and what we need from others [...]

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2018 Bird Banding Report

Every year, we monitor our breeding birds in Walker Valley by setting up a series of 12 m long soft mesh mist nets on our campus once or twice a week.  We check the nets every 40 minutes, remove any birds that get caught, bring them back to our banding station for processing, and release [...]

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Outdoor Classroom Day – May 17th

You're invited to Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont invites you and your students to join millions of teachers and children around the world in participating in a day of outdoor learning and play! When: May 17, 2018 Who: You and your students Where: Your Schoolyard What: Outdoor Classroom Day is an all-day educational event [...]

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