Written by David Reedy, Community Development Specialist I am incredibly lucky. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is my backyard as I live in on-campus housing at Tremont Institute. I have a trail to Spruce Flats Falls that begins 30 feet from my front door. I have front row tickets to wildflowers blooming each spring. [...]

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In Memoriam: Mack Prichard (1939–2020)

Written by Ken Voorhis, Executive Director at Tremont, 1994–2013 Tennessee has lost a conservation legacy and Tremont a good friend. Those of you who knew Mack Prichard or heard him speak know that he was one of a kind. He passed peaceably last week in Cookeville, Tennessee. Mack presented many programs at Tremont, inspiring [...]

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Happy Save the Frogs Day!

Written by Erin Canter, Manager of Science Literacy and Research It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Annual Save the Frogs Day!! Now in its 12th year, Save the Frogs Day is the world's largest day of amphibian education and conservation action coordinated by amphibian conservation organization Save The Frogs! I know what [...]

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Volunteers by Any Other Name

Tremonsters Margaret and Hank Dye Written by Hank Dye, Board Chairman If you are a volunteer at Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, chances are you will sometimes be called a Tremonster—an endearing term reserved for those special folks who dedicate portions of their lives to the daily cause in Walker Valley, [...]

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Recipe for Success: Tremont Institute’s Kitchen Team

Written by Emily Stein, Youth Programs CoordinatorI spend a lot of time in the Tremont kitchen. This is partly because, as Youth Programs Coordinator, I communicate information to our chefs about upcoming groups and their dietary needs. Mostly, though, it’s because I know that if I walk into the kitchen I’ll get fed. As I [...]

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Finding Your People at Tremont

Written by Lisa Peterson, Tremont Institute Volunteer Walt and I are relatively new volunteers at Tremont. Although we’ve been making treks to the Smokies since our kids were little, we only found our way to the Great Smoky Mountain Institute at Tremont after Walt enrolled in the Southern Appalachian Naturalist Program. Walt knew immediately [...]

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Stories from the Valley: George Turner

Finding a Sense of Place in Walker Valley during Black History Month Written by David Reedy, Community Development Specialist On a sunny Tennessee winter day, Tremont Institute faculty participated in an outing to learn more about our home in Walker Valley. Most visitors to Walker Valley enjoy the swiftly flowing river, the cascades tumbling [...]

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In Memoriam: Herb Coleman

Written by Jeremy Lloyd, Manager of Field Programs & Collegiate Studies This past September I lost my friend and hiking companion Herb Coleman. Before his passing at age 90, he attended more hiking weeks at Tremont than almost anybody alive. Herb discovered us in the early 2000s through Road Scholar, an organization that offers [...]

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Lonsdale Elementary’s Fifth Grade Trip to Tremont

Written by Lisa Wojciechowicz. Photos by Kristi Parsons. On the first day, there was apprehension to hiking up Buckeye Trail, the path behind Tremont Institute’s activity center. Fifty-one students from Lonsdale Elementary’s fifth grade had just arrived, and this hike was the beginning of their first class. You could hear some grumbling from the [...]

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