Community for Schoolyard Teaching and Learning

School-based outdoor experiential education provides opportunities for both educators and students to learn and grow, with proven benefits to physical, emotional, and social health. We recognize that using schoolyards as classrooms can pose challenges. The purpose of this network is to create a community of practice within our East Tennessee region where educators and community partners can connect, share, and get excited about engaging with students in their schoolyards!

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August 19: Virtual Welcome & Discussion

East Tennessee educators, you are invited to join us for a virtual welcome and discussion on Wednesday, August 19, from 4–6 pm. We are so excited to gather, connect, and share at the start of this upcoming school year.

Before you say to yourself, “Not another Zoom call!” know that this will not be a lecture or a huge impersonal meeting. We will have several opportunities to share and network in smaller groups, use online community tools, and have fun!

For more details about joining this networking opportunity, please contact Erin Canter at

This community is free to join to ensure accessibility to all educators. However, facilitating such programming comes at a cost. If you are interested in supporting this effort, or collaborating with Tremont and the Knox County Health Department, please contact

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