Tremont Institute is located inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park so we welcome park visitors to hike our trails and stop in our gift store any time the park is open.

Here are a few good hiking options near us.

  • Spruce Flats Falls (2 miles round trip)
  • Middle Prong Trail (8.2 miles round trip to Indian Flats Falls)
    This wide trail with a gradual incline is perfect for a nice stroll in the park. Walk as far as you like, turn around and head back to your car.
  • West Prong to Campsite 18 (4 miles round trip)
    Want to test out your backcountry gear and skills before heading too far into the woods? Try campsite 18.

Be sure to visit our store at Tremont! All proceeds benefit the Institute so feel good about grabbing a bag full of souvenirs here.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

When planning your trip, check out the national park website for trail information and road closures.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Website